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HIBERNATION IV: Gorgeous And Intriguing Photography by Øystein Sture Aspelund

Øystein Sture Aspelund (previously), the Norwegian photographer is digging deeper into the mysterious world of subconsciousness and the sometimes barely visible border between truth and fiction. This personal project is based on the experiences of a man and his relationship to the environment as a tool of investigation. HIBERNATION is catching certain moments when our daily reality and our subconscious world collide.

More: Øystein Sture Aspelund, Behance

“The ongoing HIBERNATION series is a personal project using man and his relationship to the landscape as a tool to investigate subconscious, and the gray boundary between truth and fiction. Based upon real places and events, this series aims to capture special moments where our daily reality and subconscious world meet. It challenges our cultural references to the dark, and can be understood as a stream of “frozen” moments, where the narrative between each image is as important as the image itself,” he wrote.

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