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The Guinness World Records Winners in Colorful Shots by The Photographer Ryan Schude

“Kitty McScratch” Elizabeth Hunter – Most Prolific Dance Game World Record Holder – Los Angeles, California

Ryan Schude is an LA based photographer who has created a unique, high-contrast tableau aesthetic for photography. He works with an array of clients for commercial work while also building a large and continuing collection of personal artistic works.

Schude creates miniature worlds frozen in time. Each character in a Schude tableau has their own story. Often there is no obvious or even existent through line for the characters in the tableau to denote their need to occupy the same time and space.

More: Schude, Instagram, Behance, Amazon

Barrington Irving, 24 – Youngest Person to Circumnavigate the World Solo – Miami, Florida

Schude’s photographs are very unique in the sense that each one represents his own style he has stamped in the creative field of photography think big, bright, wonderful, ecstatic and adventurous.

Annie Leung – Guitar Hero High Score – Santa Monica, California

Schude’s work combines humor “both light and vivacious and black as night” with extreme skill and a film director’s eye.

“OMGitsfirefoxx” – Sonja Reid – Most Followed Female on Twitch – Santa Clarita, California

The Glendale Cheerleading Squad – Most People Crammed Into A Smart Car – Glendale, California

Getti Kehayova – Largest Hula Hoop Spun by a Female – Las Vegas, Nevada

Benny Harlem – Largest High Top Fade – Los Angeles, California

Rick Baker – Most Academy Awards for Makeup Artist – Glendale, California

Big Mama’s & Papa’s Pizzeria – Largest Commercially Available Pizza – Hollywood, California

Darlene Flynn – Largest Collection of Shoe Related Items – Temecula, California

Ron Wade – Largest Collection of American Presidential Memorabilia – Longview Texas

Samantha Larson, 18, Youngest Person to Climb the Highest Summits on All 7 Continents – Soda Springs, California

Romulus – Tallest Donkey – Waxahatchie, Texas

Colonel Meow – Longest Fur on a Cat – West Hollywood, California

Harbor – Longest Ears on a Dog – Vail, Colorado

Abbey – Longest Wave Surfed by a Dog – San Diego, California

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