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Photographer Makes Incredible Macro Shots Of Insects And Wildlife Creatures

Jumping Spider

According to Niki Colemont, a Belgium-based photographer: “I started with macro 5 years ago. I was inspired because it is a very underrated subject in photography and incredibly difficult to do. I have sold my macro equipment because I can’t combine it anymore with my wildlife photography. Never have I taken a course—making mistakes and trying again over and over is the best way to learn things. I’m happy to say now that I won a prize with one of these pictures. I hope you have fun looking at these pictures as I had fun making them. Peace.”

More: Niki Colemont, Instagram, Facebook h/t: boredpanda


Dragonfly Wings

The Turbo Snail

Lady Bug

Asian Ladybeetle Larve

Intertidal Spider

Hover Fly

“I’m happy to announce that this picture got a lot of social media attention: Finalist National Geographic photography contest, 2019, Winner Dutch photo challenge contest, 2019, Honorable Mention Annual Photography Awards, 2020.”


The European Tree Frog


Paper Wasp


House Fly

The Musk Beetle

Jumping Spider With Meal

The Box Tree Moth

“The species overwinters as a juvenile cocooned larva (about 5–10 mm long), protected in a hibernarium made of two leaving Buxus leaves solidly joined by silk.”


“This grasshopper was covered in sand and little stones. It is very rare, so I don’t have a clue what kind of grasshopper this is.”

House Fly

Bush Cricket

Common Stretch Spider

Mottled Shieldbug

Lady Bug

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