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Lithuanian Artist Created a Collectible Series of Miniature Figurines of Russian War Looters


Models of Russian military marauders will be sold at an auction in support of Ukraine. Lithuanian modeler Tomas Upskas announced the end of his composition “Brothers in Arms”.

The models illustrate how Putin’s soldiers and, at the same time, looters looted Ukrainian homes, taking away everything they could find. There was also a place for sanitary ware, which was a favorite of Russian looters.

The start of the auction starts with a bid of 2000 euros. All proceeds from the auction will go to help the Ukrainian army.

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Since the start of the Russian invasion, their soldiers have repeatedly been accused of looting captured land. For example, back in early April, Ukrainian intelligence reported that Russian soldiers had opened a bazaar in the Belarusian town of Narovlya to trade looted property in Ukraine.


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