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“I’m Not Your Toy”: The Superb Contemporary Paintings by Inga Makarova

Inga Makarova is an award-winning Ukrainian painter, sculptor and draftsman who has exhibited nationally. With a background in fashion and graphic design, she translates both worlds into her mixed media compositions.

While her themes vary, dogs and fashion are constant variables in her art. Makarova isn’t interested in style, rather in the exploration of new concepts, images and forms. Her paintings are created using gouache, oil and acrylics on canvas, wood, and plexiglass.

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«To create something meaningful, something real, you should truly love what you do, as well as the way you do it, and always be passionate about it.»

A selection of early works by Inga Makarova that mostly consists of surrealistic portraits. Although, in many artworks you may notice influence of such great masters as Salvador Dali, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, and even early Picasso, you will never see any imitations or copying. Each artwork is a result of Inga’s imagination and skills only.

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