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Valery Slauk’s Magnificent Creepy Folk and Mythological Artistry


Valery Slauk, a celebrated Belarusian artist, specializes in book art and easel graphics, particularly employing the etching technique. His work delves into Slavic mythology, crafting captivating worlds that blend literary inspiration with boundless imagination.

With a deft balance between reality and fiction, Slauk creates intricate compositions teeming with folklore creatures, meticulously rendered with soft tonal transitions and clear lines. His large-scale etchings serve as mythological treatises, featuring precise scaling and intricate detail, juxtaposing a myriad of fantastical figures on a single sheet. Through his virtuosic technique, Slauk captures surreal and futuristic landscapes, cementing his status as a prominent figure in contemporary Belarusian graphic art.

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