Japanese Modeler Shows a Clever 100-Yen Store Trick to Turn Your Figures Into Frozen Prisoners and Warriors

Figure and acrylic modeling artist @ume_k_bou writes in his Twitter profile that his motto for his craft is “free, easy, and dirty self-satisfaction”, and a quick look at his works proves that to be true. One of his most recent works involves a little DIY creation to “freeze” your models to give them an aesthetic boost that can be done with the help of a 100 yen store and household items.

A simple touch-up of a case that turns your figures into cryogenically frozen warriors or prisoners!

More: Twitter h/t: grapee

ume_k_bou writes that he simply took a case from a 100-yen store and applied dabs of baking soda to its insides, and then placed the figures inside.

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