Jersey City Boasts a New Artistic Landmark: Felipe Pantone’s “OPTICHROMIE,” the Artist’s Biggest Gradient Mural to Date – Design You Trust — Design Daily Since 2007

Jersey City Boasts a New Artistic Landmark: Felipe Pantone’s “OPTICHROMIE,” the Artist’s Biggest Gradient Mural to Date


Argentine-Spanish artist Felipe Pantone unveiled his largest mural yet, “OPTICHROMIE” for Jersey City. The 25-story digitized artwork contrasts the city’s skyline with bold colors and geometric patterns. Pantone and his team spent 25 days braving the elements to complete the massive project.

It’s been an ultra-physical effort (I still have sore muscles) but also mental, for both me and my team. Enduring so many days in front of the same project with all the challenges it entails has been tough, and I’m very proud of them,’ he writes in his post. ‘Now that I see it finished, I think it’s totally worth it. You never regret being brave!’

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