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AI Caravans: Exploring the Possibilities of Portable Collective Solutions for Contemporary Nomadic Communities


We have seen tiny homes on wheels, trailers, and caravans, but have you ever imagined a multilevel living space on wheels? It may sound strange, but with the power of AI, the possibilities are endless.

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Retro-futurism is the theme that sets the tone for a world where the laws of physics are a little haywire. The Berlin-based studio, Ulises Design, is creating hyper-realistic worlds using Midjourney. The new addition to their series, “Kinetic Kingdoms,” is set in a desert landscape where multilevel caravans are stacked in a vertical configuration like luxury mansions.


The concept of stacking more than two levels of living space on a van chassis is challenging, requiring a super strong platform and a crazy set of tires that can bear such weight. However, AI allows us to think outside the box and make things super interesting. From what we can see, all basic amenities and the dose of aesthetic luxury can be seen from the clear windows. This multilevel living space features lavish bedrooms, living rooms, spacious kitchens, and even rooftop terraces. It’s even better than an expansive apartment in a metropolis.


Ulises Design Studio or AI itself picked up on the keyword of using classic cars and vans of the yesteryears as the platform for this dreamy living space. Ricardo Orts, the founder of the studio, says that “by embracing a more nomadic lifestyle, we can explore new ways of living that are both exciting and sustainable, all while fostering a sense of community and connection with the world around us.”


However, one query lingers in mind – how does one go from one level to the other? Are there any compact stairs or did the AI forget to factor in that element? Regardless, the concepts rendered here are still far from reality and will remain just a pipedream, unless we are talking about a time decades in the future.


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