This Resort Is Offering You The Chance To Sleep Under The Stars And Over The Ocean For $400 A Night On A Net – Design You Trust

This Resort Is Offering You The Chance To Sleep Under The Stars And Over The Ocean For $400 A Night On A Net


Imagine slowly drifting off to sleep while all you hear is the crashing ocean waves and wind. The most fun part of all is that the water is directly underneath you as you’re laying on a specifically designed net suspended directly above it. It may all sound like a distant dream, but it is possible for merely $400 a night.

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If you’ve been noticing similar photos appearing on your feed lately, blame the Grand Park Kodhipparu in the Maldives. Influencers are particularly fond of the location as it offers some really amazing Instagram-worthy shots. The resort houses 120 villas, each of which are equipped with a private pool and a net which you can see in the photo above. Instagram celebrities and famous people online seem to really enjoy napping, eating, or just plain posing on the aforementioned net.















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