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From Pineapples to Watermelons: Bonny Carrera’s AI-Generated Chairs Come to Life


Imagine walking into a room and seeing a chair that looks like a giant watermelon slice, complete with the rind and seeds. Or how about a chair that resembles a spiky pineapple, with its sharp edges and textured skin? This is the world of Bonny Carrera, a talented 3D digital artist based in Berlin, Germany, who has collaborated with Midjourney to create a collection of imaginative and intricate conceptual chairs.

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Each chair in this collection is a work of art, inspired by the vibrant colors, intriguing shapes, and unique textures of fruits and vegetables. The chairs are not just functional pieces of furniture but also fascinating works of art that spark the imagination and inspire joy.


The creative process of designing these chairs was innovative and cutting-edge. Midjourney’s AI technology used data sets to generate unique and intricate designs that Carrera then transformed into beautiful 3D models. The result is a stunning collection of chairs that capture the playful and whimsical spirit of their fruit and vegetable muses.


The chairs are as diverse as the produce that inspired them. The watermelon chair, for example, has curves that mimic the fruit’s juicy flesh, while the pineapple chair has jagged spikes that mirror the texture of the fruit’s skin. The collection also includes chairs inspired by bananas, oranges, lemons, and even cacti.


The attention to detail is remarkable. The chairs not only capture the essence of their fruit and vegetable muses but also incorporate functional design elements. The watermelon chair, for instance, has a built-in tray that can be used to hold drinks or snacks, while the cactus chair has a cleverly concealed storage compartment.


In a world where furniture design can often be predictable and uninspired, this collection is a refreshing departure from the norm. These chairs are not just objects to sit on, but they are also conversation starters and pieces of art that make a statement.


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