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Photographer Uses AI to Show Miniature People Dealing With Everyday Life Objects


Poy, a Thai designer, specializes in crafting photographs showcasing miniature people. Continue reading »

With a Help of AI This Artist Creates Mindblowing Vintage Manga-Style Artworks


Manga and AI-generated content go along like chalk and cheese. Mangaka fans’ dislike of AI makes the two worlds seem so different. This new technology is sometimes criticized for stealing from legends like Katsuhiro Otomo and Masamune Shirow. Bepop Genesis proves this is not true for most. Continue reading »

“Landscape of Dreams”: A Series of Surreal Natural Landscapes by Blackbird Studio


“What makes the creations of a human artist special, when we already have examples of the work of Mother Nature? The mysterious, almost magical quality we associate with all things beautiful. Will we be able to achieve this goal with AI? Continue reading »

Despite Its AI Bot’s Claimed Capability to Generate Motivational Images, the Outcome Is Absolutely Hilarious

Inspirational Posters1

With the help of artificial intelligence, InspiroBot (previously) can create an endless supply of one-of-a-kind inspirational quotes to elevate human life. But as a result of its efforts, many people are left bewildered or laughing uncontrollably because the outcomes are so absurdly dark or seemingly random. Continue reading »

AI-Generated Images of Advanced Yoga Poses

Advanced Yoga Poses1

You’ve mastered the poses known as “downward-facing dog” and “bridge pose” without losing your balance, then? Best wishes! However, hang on to your yoga mats because the true magic (and sometimes chaos) happens in the more advanced yoga poses. Continue reading »

Pictures of Noah’s Ark That Are Completely Real — If They Happened Today


The classic cosmic do-it-yourself project, Noah’s Ark, is probably well known to all of you. In it, God tells Noah to “build a giant ark, grab two of every animal, and let’s turn this planet into a giant water park.” But what if this tale involved a common man who was having financial difficulties today? Continue reading »

PJ Richardson’s Rainbow-Colored Abstract 3D Illustrations


PJ Richardson, serving as the Executive Creative Director and co-founder of Laundry, a design and animation studio, boasts an impressive personal portfolio brimming with a spectrum of stunning 3D creations themed around rainbows. Continue reading »

The Meowfia: Funniest AI-generated Images Of The Cat Street Gangs

Cat Street Gangs1

These mafia cats live unique lives on the streets, dealing in anything from catnip to pigeon combat. Continue reading »

This Graphic Designer’s AI Alterations of Simpsons Characters Are Making Waves on Social Media


Allow us to introduce you to @Princess_Prompt, a talented fine art photographer and graphic designer hailing from Belgium. Their most recent project has been generating quite a buzz across social media platforms, and we couldn’t resist sharing these mesmerizing creations with you! Continue reading »

AI-Generated Images for the Annual Beaver Shaving Competition


When AI can be used to create images of beaver shaving competitions, for example, there’s no reason to use it for more significant activities like developing science or medicine. Continue reading »

Meet Alicia Framis, The First Woman To Marry A Hologram

Photo 2023 12 04 18 10 38

Alicia Framis, an artist from Catalonia, will become the first woman in the world to marry an artificial intelligence. She is engaged to a hologram called AiLeix, with whom she has been living for several months. Continue reading »

Awkward Family Photos, Created by AI

Awkward Family Photos Ai1

Awkward family photos have a certain charm that people can’t resist. They offer a glimpse into the quirky and eccentric aspects of our everyday lives. Continue reading »

Hilariously Cursed AI-Generated Images, As Shared By This IG Page


AI is a term that has been dominating the headlines for the last year or so. Some people think it will usher in a new era of computing, while others fear it will end civilization as we know it. These are extreme and exaggerated views, but AI is here to stay, at least for now. Continue reading »

Absurd Realism in Monica Carvalho’s Exploration of AI in Photography


Monica Carvalho is a Swiss-Portuguese photographer who resides in Berlin. From a young age, she was captivated by illusionism and magic tricks. She holds the Surrealists in high regard and is fascinated by the endless possibilities that photography provides for experimentation. Continue reading »

Artist Draws Comics That Feature The Issues People Struggle With These Days


Jay Samit, an artist, uses painting as a refuge from a chaotic world. He notes the shift in pop culture from a collective experience to a more personal one, driven by powerful technologies, especially AI, that shape our lives and choices. Continue reading »

The Orange and The Sleepy: An AI Tale of Unlikely Friendship in Politics


From ‘Tiny Trump’ to ‘Snoozy Joe the Hair Sniffer’, we’ve seen the political roast session from both sides of the aisle. Continue reading »

AI Artist Creates Eccentric Portraits in Modern Renaissance Style


XenoCat, an AI artist creates Renaissance paintings as they would be created in modern times, with all the newfangled gimmicks and gadgets, and of course they are created with artificial intelligence. The era of generational revival has also reached freelancers. Separately, we can highlight works with various animals depicted with their owners in the most bizarre ways. Continue reading »

According to AI, This Is What Walmart People Look Like


Walmart shoppers are known for being a diverse and eccentric bunch. But how does artificial intelligence perceive them? We used AI to analyze some photos of people who visit Walmart, and the results were surprising, amusing, and entertaining. Continue reading »

AI-Generated Fruit Fashion by Bonny Carrera


Bonny Carrera (previously), a digital artist from Germany combines artificial intelligence and design to create distinctive, conceptual home décor and clothing items. Continue reading »

With The Help Of AI, This Digital Artist Created Images Of Famous People Disguised As Art


Have you ever looked at clouds and seen shapes, like a dog perhaps? That’s pareidolia – your brain’s playful trick. With this in mind, digital artist Alexandre Perez has created intriguing images of famous people dressed in the guise of art. Continue reading »

Nicolas Cage Faces Problems Bringing Huge Tuna On a Plane


Did Nicolas Cage actually try to get on a plane with a giant tuna? No, he didn’t. But thanks to the incredible capabilities of AI image creation tools, we can visualize how such a scenario might unfold. Why use AI for practical purposes when you can use it to create whimsical galleries for entertainment? Continue reading »

Prepare Kids for The Real World with This Ai-Generated Must-Have Toys


AI and digital comic artist Eugene Matskevich hypes his fresh DALL-E 3 shocking toys for kids that immediately prepare them “for the harsh reality”. Continue reading »

Superb AI-Generated Optical Illusions that Twist Your Perception


Barbie, Taylor Swift, and Artificial Intelligence (AI): The Defining Elements of 2023. This year saw the rise of generative AI tools, which have been in development for years, burst into the mainstream. Continue reading »

Meet Charlesai, The Doctor and Artist Who Blends Medicine and Art with AI


From saving lives to creating art, Charlesai is a French doctor and NFT artist who embarked on a journey of AI art in 2021. What began as a way to deal with the stress of working in a pandemic, soon became a passion and a mission. Continue reading »

AI Artist Imagines What If Star Wars Was A Finnish Movie In The 70s


Antti Karppinen, the AI artist, has conjured a remarkable venture that beckons us to a realm where the fantastical and the absurd meld effortlessly. This audacious project whisks us back in time, reimagining Star Wars as a quintessential Finnish film of the groovy 1970s. Continue reading »