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Illustrator Albina Kolesnichenko Promotes Social Change and Ukraine’s Independence Through Her Work

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Ukrainian illustrator Albina Kolesnichenko was born in Hradec Králové, Czech Republic, in 1994. She was raised in the historic city of Chernihiv, and she considers Ukraine to be her motherland.

Albina started her artistic career in the Ukraine. At National University, she majored in sculpture and fine arts. Since 2016, illustration has been a professional endeavor and a lifelong passion. Since Albina thinks that pictures are a simple way to start difficult conversations, socially conscious themes are deeply woven into her works.

Illustrating the war in Ukraine is a way to reach out to people worldwide and solicit much needed support. The Ukrainian people’s unwavering desire for freedom and independence is expressed in these works of art.

“Everything seems to be monochrome lately. Covered in shades of black, grey, dirt. You can see this in my previous illustrations. It is because of what I have seen, heard, lost. Because of fatigue, hatred, dread. When it comes to colours, there’s only yellow and blue. It is through the trust, support, and courage of those by my side. Through the pride that this country is my home.”

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