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Illustrator October Jones Draws Cartoon Faces on Commuters During His Daily Commute


When it comes to commuting, most people turn to activities like listening to music, reading, or staring out the window. But illustrator and animator October Jones, whose real name is Joe Butcher, has found a more creative way to pass the time – by drawing new heads for his fellow commuters.

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Using sticky notes, October Jones creates cartoon faces that he matches up with the bodies of unsuspecting passengers on his train. The resulting images are both hilarious and heartwarming. From Mickey Mouse grinding his teeth to a tired-looking Winnie the Pooh who forgot to shave, Jones’ creations bring a bit of whimsy and humor to his Monday-morning commute.


October Jones’ unique approach to commuting has garnered him a lot of attention online. His creative illustrations have been featured on social media platforms and websites such as Buzzfeed and The Huffington Post.


Through his art, October Jones shows us that there are always opportunities to find joy and inspiration in our daily routines, even during our commutes.


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