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Artist Creates Abstract Environments Through Magical Realism-Inspired Conceptual Experiments


Artist Elnaz Mansouri, originally from Tehran, Iran, and now based in Canada, delves deeply into the interplay between reality and fantasy through her innovative use of 3D, AI and VR.

Her work, marked by abstraction and re-imagination of environments, draws heavily on themes of Magical Realism. In her latest solo exhibition, “An Odyssey of Dreams and Memories,” she invited audiences to explore a virtual realm that reconstructed her recurring dreams into a visual narrative. This immersive experience not only blurred the lines between the real and the imagined but also engaged deeply with the notions of human longing and the constructs of memory.

Migrating to Canada at the tender age of twelve, she faced significant cultural and linguistic barriers that sparked an identity crisis and a profound sense of displacement. This personal turmoil is reflected in her artistic practice, where she explores how the subconscious mind can manifest identity through dream symbolism and metaphorical storytelling. Her work offers a unique perspective on the transformative power of art, inviting viewers to question the distinctions between lived experiences, dreams, and memories.

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[image] 647340
[image] 687539
[image] 1170626
[image] 1567678
[image] 2191647
[image] 2434773
[image] 2462210
[image] 2540561
[image] 2636526
[image] 2850449
[image] 3039094
[image] 3161210
[image] 3321101
[image] 3737229
[image] 4314663
[image] 4559950
[image] 4822763
[image] 4855542
[image] 5004870
[image] 5069948
[image] 5713906
[image] 5850113
[image] 6010302
[image] 6080811
[image] 6231404
[image] 6739385
[image] 7255107
[image] 7556156
[image] 7937319
[image] 7966569
[image] 7983900
[image] 8054571
[image] 8476169
[image] 8745438
[image] 8770511
[image] 8863416
[image] 8952324
[image] 8990618
[image] 9197797
[image] 9246887
[image] 9577811
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[image] 9711774
[image] 9716377

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