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Alison Friend’s Cute And Funny Animal Drawings Will Completely Melt Your Heart

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According to scientific study, we appreciate art because it releases dopamine, a hormone responsible for feelings of pleasure and motivation in our brains. But what if we combined art with another thing that makes people happy—pets? So we end up with a design that is sure to make people pleased.

Alison Friend, an artist, makes humorous drawings of canines participating in human activities such as eating ramen or enjoying a spa day. And the popularity of these paintings demonstrates how much people enjoy animal art. So, shall we take a stroll around some of these paintings?

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[image] 178165
[image] 220499
[image] 227949
[image] 525582
[image] 676327
[image] 1134179
[image] 1517544
[image] 1688269
[image] 1856348
[image] 1877436
[image] 2280466
[image] 2500269
[image] 2923555
[image] 3246546
[image] 3843228
[image] 3901354
[image] 4052757
[image] 4175448
[image] 4595025
[image] 5491019
[image] 5585674
[image] 5633130
[image] 5871529
[image] 6181540
[image] 6517532
[image] 6547425
[image] 6753585
[image] 7021639
[image] 7263964
[image] 7406476
[image] 7644798
[image] 7924407
[image] 8599721
[image] 8713239
[image] 8744402
[image] 8859988
[image] 9041142
[image] 9150421
[image] 9250723
[image] 9316315
[image] 9881364
[image] 9953364
[image] 9999565

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