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The Ethereal Artistry and Haunting Hyperrealism in Photographs by Alexander Berdin-Lazursky


Alexander Berdin-Lazursky’s photography exudes a crisp elegance that is both striking and flawlessly beautiful.

His work displays a masterful hyperrealism with a haunting quality. His series of photographs features portrayals reminiscent of a modern-day Joan of Arc, a celestial astronaut, and a regal figure meeting a tragic fate. These images often depict ethereal women in black cowls, surrounded by hand-drawn golden symbols, all captured in a beautifully austere and colorful precision. Additionally, his exceptional skills in graphic design are showcased in his meticulously crafted tarot card series.

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[image] 913282
[image] 1245157
[image] 2055630
[image] 2319833
[image] 2888983
[image] 3147555
[image] 3481727
[image] 3532441
[image] 4205691
[image] 4636639
[image] 5091220
[image] 5759310
[image] 6964671
[image] 7301277
[image] 7431025
[image] 7647625
[image] 8899254
[image] 9030217
[image] 9038338
[image] 9358874
[image] 2810651
[image] 6695633

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