Girls And Their Adopted Cats Beautifully Captured By NYC-Based Photographer


Four months ago, NYC-based photographer Brianne Wills took a series of photos featuring women and their adopted cats. Predictably, the internet went wild, and Brianne has now decided to make the project an ongoing series.

Natalie with Charlie and Millie in #Bushwick for #girlsandtheircats @obraobscura #instacat #instadaily #catlady #catlover #adoptdontshop

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Ana with Bisou and Casanova in Queens for #girlsandtheircats. @darlingania ??? "Bisou was a former Animal Care and Control cat that was pulled at the last minute. She was then adopted and didn't get along with the other cat in the house and was going to be returned. My friend Rachel asked me to foster Bisou for one day. We knew she was going to stay after that one day but we also knew we had a lot of work to do. There was no way we would let Bisou end up in a shelter again. Casanova was born on the street with his siblings. While we were unable to save their mother who was hit by a car, I made it my number one priority to get the kittens adopted. Since I was working and going to school full time and couldn't take them in right away, I made them a winter shelter and went to feed them every day for 2 months. It took 3 days in the rain and a professional trap to get Casanova. He destroyed everything in the house after being released from the trap but after a bath and some food he slept on my lap with his tongue out. His brother and sister were adopted by my friends." @darlingania All photos by BriAnne Wills #catlady #adoptdontshop #foster #filmisnotdead #35mm #catsofinstagram

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Shay and Edie in Greenpoint for #girlsandtheircats. Edie was found in a providence, RI dumpster, emaciated and in need of medical attention. Shay had just moved 3000 miles from home and decided to take Edie in to aid her homesickness. "She was a cranky muffin right from the get go and I even had to change her name from Memphis to Edie because my first choice was a poor fit for her Grey Gardens style personality…I fell in love with her curmudgeonly cuddles." @shayplatz Despite vets being unable to tell her age (they have all been saying "she's at least 3" for the past 14 years) she is around 17 years old. All photos by BriAnne Wills #catlady #catladyforlife #catlover #bookproject #photoseries #catsofinstagram #weeklyfluff

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When two become one. Stephanie and Simon in Williamsburg for #girlsandtheircats #instacat #headbutts #cats

A photo posted by Girls and Their Cats (@girlsandtheircats) on

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