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Photographer Documents Stunning Wild Foxes Enjoying The Snow

Dutch wildlife photographer Roeselien Raimond has been bringing joy and warmth to people with her fairytale-like photographs of wild foxes for over 8 years. Looking at her gallery of foxes provides a truly captivating and calming experience, as Roeselien brings these gorgeous creatures to life with her exceptional ability to capture their spirit.

Her friendship with foxes started out of curiosity and determination to break the popular misconception about foxes being deceitful and mean. With each of her photography series portraying the intelligent, kind and friendly nature of these mysterious creatures, we feel like we know them a little bit better. The interest in foxes seems to be contagious as by the end of each post featuring Roeselien‘s stunning artwork we want to take one of these enchanting animals home.

“These are photos of 8 different foxes. Most of them, I followed for years. Each fox has its own story and is special to me in its own way. 6 of them are not there anymore and their photos are cherished memories of them,” Roeselien told Bored Panda about her exclusive photos of majestic wild foxes captured in the snowy scenery. With the help of her craft, she continues to introduce these complex and unique animals to all of us.

A pop of beautiful and rich red in a slightly monotonic whitewashed winter pallet is all we could want this holiday season.

More: Roeselien Raimond, Instagram, Facebook, 500px h/t: boredpanda

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