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Stunning Photographs Of A Glacier In The Karakoram Region Of Pakistan


Polish photographer David Kaszlikowski took a series of stunning photographs of a glacier in the Karakoram region of Pakistan while on a film expedition. At the Baltoro and Godwin-Austen glaciers near K2, the second highest mountain in the world, he sent his drone on flights to scout the surrounding landscape. Here: at the heart of Karakoram, a glacier formation found at Concordia at the very beginning of one of the longest glaciers on the planet, Baltoro. (Photo by David Kaszlikowski/Rex Features)


K2 mountain captured on a clear night just before sunrise. (Photo by David Kaszlikowski/Rex Features)


K2 is the second highest mountain in the world at 8,611 metres above sea level. (Photo by David Kaszlikowski/Rex Features)


Training climb on the ice features of the Baltoro glacier. (Photo by David Kaszlikowski/Rex Features)


A photographer uses LED light to ‘paint’ the snow at Karakoram. (Photo by David Kaszlikowski/Rex Features)


The porters’ tent at K2’s base camp is just a tarpaulin stretched over the stones, left, while the other tents belong to expedition members. (Photo by David Kaszlikowski/Rex Features)


Expedition members meander between crevasses with the Gasherbrum IV massif visible in the background. (Photo by David Kaszlikowski/Rex Features)


Balti porters carrying loads which range from 25kg to 50kg, a task they undertake often wearing only basic rubber sneakers filled with fresh grass to stop their feet slipping. (Photo by David Kaszlikowski/Rex Features)


A view of the Gasherbrum IV massif. (Photo by David Kaszlikowski/Rex Features)


The porters photographed outside at base camp. They sometimes light fires using rubbish from the expeditions. (Photo by David Kaszlikowski/Rex Features)

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