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A Decade of Gaming Inspiration and Pop Culture Exploration in Superb Illustrations by Luis Melo


Lisbon-based freelance illustrator Luis Melo has a fresh batch of awesome artwork.

Luis graduated from the University of Lisbon’s Faculty of Fine Arts in 2005, where he studied Communication Design. But he really honed his illustration skills through self-teaching and online resources. His portfolio is super diverse, with inspiration from fantasy, sci-fi, video games, and even music.

With over 10 years of experience as a Concept Artist and Art Director in the gaming world, Luis has built a killer international career. He’s lived and worked in cool cities like Shanghai and Québec, collaborating with talented people from around the globe. All of these experiences have helped shape his unique artistic style.

More: Luis Melo, Instagram, Behance

[image] 158703
[image] 226114
[image] 296074
[image] 751402
[image] 1039266
[image] 1215010
[image] 1904329
[image] 1936255
[image] 2059773
[image] 2137754
[image] 2294797
[image] 2327884
[image] 2527833
[image] 2862765
[image] 3118967
[image] 3272010
[image] 3324557
[image] 3443306
[image] 3623018
[image] 3762920
[image] 3810433
[image] 4186406
[image] 4484445
[image] 4507165
[image] 4867219
[image] 4906605
[image] 5114561
[image] 5541825
[image] 5584014
[image] 6278243
[image] 6753713
[image] 7189703
[image] 7488511
[image] 7678153
[image] 8460493
[image] 9494286
[image] 9508428

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