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Photographer Yulia Taits Continues Her ‘Porcelain Beauty’ Photo Series Featuring People With Albinism, Aided by AI

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In 2016-2017, Yulia Taits launched her photo project “Porcelain Beauty,” celebrating the distinct beauty of individuals with albinism.

Following the project’s release, she aspired to broaden its reach to encompass people of various ages, races, and nationalities globally, though the way forward remained uncertain. Recently, Taits explored artificial intelligence and realized its potential to achieve her expanded vision. The impact of AI on creativity is hotly debated, with some viewing its use in art as fraudulent. Initially, Taits agreed with this perspective, but she has since come to regard AI not merely as technology but as a transformative tool that unlocks new possibilities for bringing ideas and fantasies to life.

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Milky78 Albino Girl Collecting White Eggs In The White Chicken Bec20d44 A4c8 4a0b 8951 99771d2ae0e7 661a96f4414a7 700
Milky78 Albino With White Curly Short Hair Wearing Green Dress Ab7d210a E228 4936 89ed 589012598267 661a96fc09ad1 700
Milky78 An Old Albino Woman Sits In Victorian Living Room On A 4ac9b945 A74a 4bf7 8f5d D5122bce2c05 661a97039914b 700
Milky78 Front Portrait Eyes Looking To The Left Side Of Albino Eb9295df 4670 4b78 Bd01 00e6fa58067b 661a970b17a24 700
Milky78 Old Albino Woman Looking At The Victorian Window She I 941f9b3f 4864 44b0 9dda 594f5ab9a39b 661a9711d7b8e 700
Milky78 Portrait Of Albino Boy And Albino Girl Their Eyes Are 06e2392a 9477 4b93 B227 5fbbc2dd8155 661a97202d30e 700
Milky78 Portrait Of Albino Boy And Albino Girl Their Eyes Are 06e2392a 9477 4b93 B227 5fbbc2dd8155 Recovered 661a971889753 700
Milky78 Portrait Of Albino Identical Twin Brothers They Have S 0ef33a03 102f 44f7 B7bd 9223ce0979b0 661a97259419c 700
Milky78 Portrait Of An Old Albino Man With Long Beard Sitting O 7820a7c7 92c3 4ff2 8768 Fb2bcbe6ba23 661a972c0a299 700
Milky78 Portrait Of Caucasian Albino Woman With Short Hair And 5108d935 7de0 4cbf Adc5 3ae29fbc8e17 661a97311c3c8 700
Milky78 Portrait Of Two 5 Years Old African Albino Identical Tw 9a4f5093 3938 49d7 8a1c C1ee96ef9825 661a97369b78d 700
Milky78 Portrait Of Young Asian Albino Man Sits Behind A White 7b7d2365 9220 4aa3 Ac7e 63c52824be98 1 661a973b99569 700
Milky78 Side View Of An Asian Albino Woman Holding White Perfum Ce818949 91bb 45fe 8f20 3fd005f1378e 661a974155955 700

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