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Humorous But Sad Illustrations By Santiago Bara That Might Make You Reflect On Life


In today’s world, life can be pretty strange and absurd, a craziness that isn’t new but now seems omnipresent, and while it might seem confusing and hard to make sense of, that’s not always a bad thing; artist Santiago Bara from Spain, who initially started drawing cartoons for practice, now uses this absurdity as inspiration for his simple yet humorous and thought-provoking illustrations, which have gained him over 8,000 Instagram followers and help people notice the weirdness of modern life.

More: Instagram h/t: boredpanda

[image] 35903
[image] 171916
[image] 289309
[image] 324551
[image] 486916
[image] 701173
[image] 723874
[image] 1160691
[image] 1201867
[image] 1513339
[image] 1926208
[image] 2945337
[image] 3043139
[image] 3195944
[image] 3196223
[image] 3403721
[image] 3404087
[image] 3424432
[image] 3513380
[image] 3514051
[image] 3787341
[image] 3868590
[image] 4737220
[image] 4769452
[image] 5703337
[image] 6016010
[image] 6168411
[image] 7112606
[image] 8179465
[image] 8710581
[image] 8897407
[image] 8952630
[image] 9281028
[image] 9301400
[image] 9600957
[image] 9870895
[image] 954498

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