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Artist Carlos Vielba Seco Transforms Ethereal Ideas into Tangible 3D Masterpieces


Carlos Vielba Seco is an artist deeply influenced by a creative upbringing, manifesting his passion through drawing and photography from a young age.

His professional journey began in marketing, leading him to discover advertising and, subsequently, graphic design and illustration. Ultimately, Carlos found his true passion in 3D art, a field that allowed him to physically manifest his thoughts through motion graphics. Over 29 years, his experiences and relationships have shaped him into a versatile creator who believes in using available means or inventing new ones to bring ideas to life. Carlos’s work is a blend of his natural inclinations and learned skills, focusing on materializing complex ideas into tangible forms.

“If I have means, I use them. When I don’t, I create them…”

More: Carlos Vielba Seco, Instagram

[image] 993134
[image] 1137916
[image] 1155217
[image] 1338391
[image] 1423427
[image] 1680066
[image] 1712487
[image] 1737755
[image] 1832881
[image] 1863141
[image] 1925265
[image] 2467856
[image] 2774269
[image] 2925572
[image] 3219160
[image] 3591161
[image] 3693524
[image] 3841003
[image] 4147308
[image] 4505130
[image] 4627146
[image] 4732549
[image] 4882710
[image] 4920071
[image] 4991949
[image] 5217929
[image] 5412373
[image] 5555953
[image] 5583038
[image] 5592081
[image] 5604714
[image] 5641226
[image] 5675062
[image] 5690758
[image] 6456499
[image] 6501785
[image] 6724692
[image] 6999731
[image] 7022288
[image] 7076161
[image] 7559573
[image] 7582115
[image] 8258766
[image] 8296327
[image] 8550503
[image] 8606816
[image] 8670524
[image] 8769763
[image] 9276587
[image] 9690238
[image] 9764392
[image] 9985702
[image] 6047928

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