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Beautiful Lettering Murals by Emmy Star Brown


Emmy Star Brown, a talented artist based in Chicago, has spent the last decade creating dynamic and vast pieces that bring life to walls and urban environments.

She is widely recognized for her unique abstract designs and murals, but in this piece, we will focus on her captivating typographic compositions. Emmy’s writing murals mix powerful statements with ornate components and surprising color schemes, transforming simple words and sentences into stunning visual poetry. The distinctive abstract shapes that define her artistic voice frequently appear in these pieces, bringing depth and dynamism to her stunning murals.

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[image] 130983
[image] 208075
[image] 289220
[image] 310882
[image] 757710
[image] 1062653
[image] 1291885
[image] 1311971
[image] 1379251
[image] 1477962
[image] 1869719
[image] 2585086
[image] 2756641
[image] 3242633
[image] 3321193
[image] 3340038
[image] 3632401
[image] 3944531
[image] 4285840
[image] 4361919
[image] 4371556
[image] 4919213
[image] 5399436
[image] 5620270
[image] 5990055
[image] 6229933
[image] 6339321
[image] 7935309
[image] 8091122
[image] 8278909
[image] 8413703
[image] 8442117
[image] 8538850
[image] 8738954
[image] 8922057
[image] 9041042
[image] 9176327
[image] 9547740
[image] 9566279
[image] 9773203

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