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Impressive and Sensual Oil Paintings by Gabrielle Dobrzelewski


Based in US, Gabrielle Dobrzelewski creates oil paintings that serve as points of departure for exploring larger topics of interest—desire, anxiety, femininity, queerness, and the invisible threads that connect us to one another.

The narratives she engages in emerge from the well of her lived experiences, with every piece operating as a means to sublimate her everyday life into a visual diary that captures quiet moments of emotional liminality.

“My body exists as both center and symbol in my work. Positioned in the intimate domestic space of my residence, the emotionally charged self-portraits I create serve as points of departure for exploring larger topics of interest – grief, desire, anxiety, death, spirituality, femininity, and dreams. Similar to the intimacy of the innerworkings of one’s psyche, utilizing my domestic space serves as the physical manifestation of my inner world,” she writes.

More: Gabrielle Dobrzelewski, Instagram

[image] 348052
[image] 500517
[image] 546273
[image] 1471629
[image] 2085250
[image] 2923752
[image] 3239872
[image] 3332617
[image] 3505894
[image] 3597592
[image] 3981066
[image] 4033141
[image] 4097044
[image] 4218911
[image] 4970675
[image] 5270407
[image] 5298515
[image] 5841289
[image] 6201992
[image] 6478817
[image] 7061841
[image] 8461662
[image] 8623765
[image] 8756097
[image] 8783353
[image] 9285671
[image] 9372248
[image] 9685572
[image] 9697359

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