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25 Beautiful Winning Photographs Of The Northern Lights Contest By “Capture The Atlas”

“The Hunt’s Reward” By Ben Maze Tasmania, Australia


Nature is a beautiful place and in these hard times when everything seems kinda sad and dull, it’s always nice to look at some amazing things. These photographers managed to capture one of the wonderful things nature has given us—aurora borealis. This beautiful phenomenon occurs in the high-latitude regions because of the disturbances in the magnetosphere caused by the solar wind. Continue reading »

Heat-Changing Mug Reveals The Aurora Borealis When Filled With A Hot Drink


You might not live near the aurora borealis, but you can now experience it every time you have a cup of coffee. ThinkGeek has created a special heat-changing mug that reveals the glorious sight of the Northern Lights, when it’s filled with hot liquid. Left unheated, it simply displays a stunningly desolate landscape at the base of its handle. Continue reading »

Aurora Borealis Shocks And Awes

The Aurora Borealis seen across the sky in Lapland, Finland. The beautiful phenomenon was captured by photographer Marko Korosec on a trip to the arctic region of Lapland in Northern Finland. He used long exposures on his Canon DSLR to create the stunning images. (Photos by Marko Korosec/Barcroft Media)
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Photo of the Day: The Aurora Australis from Space

This image released by NASA shows the Aurora Australis, accompanied by star streaks and air glow, recorded by one of the Expedition 31 crew members May 22, 2012 when the orbital outpost was above a point on Earth located about 290 miles southeast of southern New Zealand. Two Russian spacecraft docked to the station are seen in the foreground. (NASA) Click image to zoom.

Photo of the Day: Aurora Borealis Near Yellowknife, North West Territories

The largest solar storm in five years sent a huge wave of radiation into earth’s atmosphere, creating a brilliant show of the aurora borealis near Yellowknife, North West Territories. Yellowknife, which is situated directly under the auroral “oval,” has some of the best northern lights viewing in the world. (Bill Braden/The Canadian Press) Click image to zoom.