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Heat-Changing Mug Reveals The Aurora Borealis When Filled With A Hot Drink


You might not live near the aurora borealis, but you can now experience it every time you have a cup of coffee. ThinkGeek has created a special heat-changing mug that reveals the glorious sight of the Northern Lights, when it’s filled with hot liquid. Left unheated, it simply displays a stunningly desolate landscape at the base of its handle.

h/t: mymodernmet, laughingsquid


“Much as caffeine particles pass into our bloodstream and make us bounce off walls, so, too, the particles from solar winds pass through the Earth’s magnetosphere near the poles and share energy, causing a spectacular display in the upper atmosphere. When these particles collide with oxygen in particular at lower altitudes (up to 150 miles), the photon released appears green or yellow, giving a similar light show as to the one captured on this mug when you fill it with warm liquid.”


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