“Calm Before the Storm”: Photographer Captured Nightlife in Wuhan Market Before Pandemic

Back in 2016, in a time when, if we had been told what would happen in 2020, we probably wouldn’t have believed it. The Milanese photographer and art director Alessandro Zanoni lived in Wuhan, a Chinese city that absolutely everyone knows since a few months. From his apartment, the artist observed each evening the market which formed the pattern of the city’s nightlife, its stalls full of goods and its sellers, sometimes alone on their stand, late in the night. Continue reading »

How Much Is Your Body Worth On The Black Market?

Organs and tissue are used for millions of transplants and medical products yearly. The traditional path for a transplant is a waitlist, but with thousands of people dying before they make it to the front of the line, some take matters into their own hands. Continue reading »

The World’s First Line Of Dolls With Disabilities Is Now On The Market


British toymaker Makies has released a line of dolls with disabilities. They were inspired by a social media campaign, Toy Like Me. The campaign encouraged parents of children with various disabilities to customise their toys, making them look more like real people. Continue reading »

Man Pays $50 For A Sea Turtle At The Market, Releases It Back Into The Sea


Two sea turtles have been saved from a not-so-great fate in Papua New Guinea after a man and his co-worker bought them from a local food market and released them back into the sea. Continue reading »

French Artist Restores Flea Market Paintings And Adds His Own Stories To Them


Introduced by Guy Debord and his revolutionary famous organization of International Situationist of Dadaism, the distortion is being reborn with the paintbrush of the young painter Blase. By discovering forgotten masters’ painting in flea markets, sometimes in a pitiful state, Blase (as Blasepheme) uses very academic techniques of restoration to modify the original painting. Like a fresh boost or facelift, the paintings get a second life. Continue reading »

Markthal: Enormous Food Market In Rotterdam

This enormous building, opened in 2014 by Queen Maxima, is home to many little food shops, varying from doughnuts to tapas, and from Chinese food to Surinamese food. A delicious place to visit, and voted by The Guardian as one of Europe’s top ten food markets. When you are in Rotterdam, make sure to visit this place! Continue reading »

Witches Market in Bolivia

Aymara witchdoctor Ricardo Quispe, also called “Lord of the Lake”, throws coca leaves during a ritual to predict the future, at the witches market of El Alto, on the outskirts of La Paz, December 31, 2014. Dozens of witch doctors tend to a warren of stalls in El Alto, making offerings to give thanks, to promise luck at work or in love, or to call up spirits and banish curses at the end of the year. (Photo by David Mercado/Reuters)
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A Flea Market in Tokyo

A woman browses through kimonos for sale at Boroichi flea market in Tokyo December 15, 2014. In the 16th century, Boroichi was a place for farmers to buy and sell rags, known as boro, for mending clothes and weaving sandals. Now in its 436th year, the original spirit lingers, with about 700 stands hawking fabric, used clothes and piles of rags. Others sell kitchen tools, pottery, seaweed and spices. About 200,000 people flock to the market, which is only open for four mid-winter days a year – two in December and two in January. (Photo by Thomas Peter/Reuters)
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‘Falcon Wing’ Model X, New Entrant in Electric Car Market

Tesla, the electric sports car maker, launched “Model X,” its latest electric car on Thursday. The car has features like lift up doors which the company calls “falcon-wing,” doors and based on the Model S platform. Model X is claimed to have a faster acceleration than a Porsche 111, with just 4.4 seconds to 0 to 60 miles per hour.

The falcon wing rear doors of the Tesla Motors Model X electric vehicle are seen at its unveiling at the Tesla Design Studio in Hawthorne, California February 9, 2012. (Reuters) Continue reading »