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French Artist Restores Flea Market Paintings And Adds His Own Stories To Them


Introduced by Guy Debord and his revolutionary famous organization of International Situationist of Dadaism, the distortion is being reborn with the paintbrush of the young painter Blase. By discovering forgotten masters’ painting in flea markets, sometimes in a pitiful state, Blase (as Blasepheme) uses very academic techniques of restoration to modify the original painting. Like a fresh boost or facelift, the paintings get a second life.


“I met this young painter in Paris and I think that he deserve to be famous and he also deserve support for his future projects. His technique is perfect and his paintings are funny. Contemporary art doesn’t have to be pretentious and serious!”


To continue to support the Vivienne gallery in the heart of Paris, Blase the French artist is launching a crowdfunding campaign on until January 2016. It is the perfect occasion for everyone to acquire an original and impertinent painting while supporting young creators. The final objective of this crowdfunding campaign is to collect 30,000€ to finance a workshop. The artist reserved for his sponsors and supporters compensations as high as his ambition: an afternoon with the artist to discover painting restoration techniques and Blasographies on wood or canvas. Contributions could also be made by buying original paintings made specifically for the event.

h/t: bored panda

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