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This Artist Draws Portraits Of People Using Pencils And Watercolors

According to Rubi Glaz: “Studied to be a diplomat, but now I’ve become a full-time artist and live in a small Russian town, Volgograd. My name is Ulyana, I’m 22 years old. For as long as I can remember, I have always been drawing. In my teenage years, I rushed around a lot trying to find myself, my place in this world, and my life’s work. Continue reading »

Artist Creates Portraits Of New Yorkers Using Colored Pencils And Pastels

According to Olya Nik: “My name is Olya Nik. I moved to New York from Russia a few years ago and was amazed by the city’s vibe. I was happy to see people of all cultures and descents on the city streets who express themselves with their style so freely that I couldn’t resist making photographs and sketches and then completing the artworks in color at home. Continue reading »

Chien Chu Lee Carves Pencils Into Architectural Sculptures


Chien Chu Lee from Taiwan is a self-taught pencil carving artist who has mastered a remarkable art form. Lee has been carving pencils since October 2010, but before that he was making small figurines toys for his children using bamboo sticks. Lee considers himself to be a very patient man and possessor of a very steady hand, which is not very difficult to perceive once you look at his creations. From near-exact replica of bridges to Dubai’s Burj Al Arab to the Great Wall of China, Lee has carved them all. Continue reading »

Indian Teenager has the World’s Biggest Collection of Pencils

Many are happy to collect stamps, coins or key rings – but not this stationery-mad teenager. Tushar Lakhanpal, 15, from New Delhi, India, claims to own more than 14,000 pencils in different shapes and sizes from 40 countries around the world. Included in his collection, which he believes could be world record breaking, is a gold-plated implement and two pencils, stored in an ornate box, thought to have been owned and used by Queen Elizabeth II.
Continue reading »

Rainbow Pencils by Duncan Shotton

Rainbow Pencils are made from recycled paper and let you create beautiful paper rainbows every time you sharpen them. Rainbow Pencils function like regular wooden pencils, and are the same size and weight, but they’re not made from wood, they’re made from layers of recycled waste paper.

Each pencil has a 6-layer rainbow core and comes finished in either black or white. Each pencil is printed with logo on one side and “rainbow pencil by duncan shotton” on the other, in grey. Project on Kickstarter. Continue reading »

Perelman Pencils

Who said creative people didn’t like Science? Designers Alan Temiraev and Vladimir Zotov from The Bold Studio and illustrators Julien Jules and Phil have been inspired by Grigori Perelman, a Russian mathematician who solved the unsolvable: the famous Poincaré conjecture. Full of panache (or pure madness), the genius and crazy Perelman notably turned down the ultimate award in Mathematics, the Fields Medal, as well as another prize worth 1 million dollars.

“In our studio, money isn’t important. What’s important is love and work, perhaps that’s why we respect people like Perelman”, says Alan Temiraev.

These Perelman pencils are finally colourful little reminders of the mathematician’s somehow superhuman intelligence: may they give the one who’s handling them even a tiny drop of his talent! Continue reading »