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Funniest Raccoon Memes by Nocturnal Trash Posts


Who doesn’t like a good raccoon meme? Who doesn’t like a good raccoon? Wait, who doesn’t like a good raccoon anything? Trash pandas are awesome and no, there can’t be any other way. And speaking of raccoon memes, there is a dedicated Instagram page that celebrates raccoonhood with existential, funny, and straight up nonsensical memes. Continue reading »

Nine Raccoon Dog Pups Were Born In Mexico City Zoo

Photo by Alfredo Estrella / AFP Photo

View of a group of raccoon dogs or Tanuki (Nyctereutes procyonoides) at the Chapultpec Zoo in Mexico City on August 06, 2015. A month ago nine raccoon dog pups were born. This species is native from Japan and China, and the parents of the cubs were donated by Japan. Continue reading »

Talented Mom Hand Crafts an Incredibly Realistic ‘Rocket Raccoon’ Costume for Her 6-Year Old Son


Christina Borchardt, a talented artist who makes costumes for various cosplay events, created an incredibly realistic “Rocket Raccoon” from ‘Guardians of the Galaxy‘ costume for her (now) 6-year old son Chase, who absolutely loves raccoons. Continue reading »

Orphaned Raccoon Thinks She’s a Dog After Being Rescued and Raised by Family with Dogs


Pumpkin the Raccoon may have an adorable face and a family who adores her, but things weren’t always easy for the lovable creature. When she was only a month old, Pumpkin fell out of a tree and broke her back leg. To make matters worse, the infant animal was incredibly weak and in need of medical attention. That’s when Rosie Kemp found her and waited around for the cub’s mother. After realizing that the mama raccoon wasn’t going to return, Kemp decided to adopt baby Pumpkin and to give her a chance at a happy, healthy life. Continue reading »

Adorable Rocket Raccoon Backpack Buddy


Rocket and Groot’s relationship could be complicated, but it’s simple. After all, do we have any precedent for how a sentient tree creature should relate to a gun-toting not-raccoon? Not so much. And yet, their odd-couple friendship comes naturally. Well, of COURSE, the not-raccoon understands and translates the sentient tree creature’s language. Why wouldn’t he? Continue reading »

Photo of the Day: High-Wire Raccoon

This raccoon appeared highly-strung when it was spotted clinging onto a telegraph wire. Photographer Chuck Courson captured the worried-looking critter dangling 30ft in the air as it tried to evade a red-tailed hawk. But he didn’t get a dramatic series of escape shots as the raccoon was frozen to the spot and barely moved a whisker. (Mirror Online) Click image to zoom.