Orphaned Raccoon Thinks She’s a Dog After Being Rescued and Raised by Family with Dogs


Pumpkin the Raccoon may have an adorable face and a family who adores her, but things weren’t always easy for the lovable creature. When she was only a month old, Pumpkin fell out of a tree and broke her back leg. To make matters worse, the infant animal was incredibly weak and in need of medical attention. That’s when Rosie Kemp found her and waited around for the cub’s mother. After realizing that the mama raccoon wasn’t going to return, Kemp decided to adopt baby Pumpkin and to give her a chance at a happy, healthy life.


Thanks to the Kemp family’s round-the-clock care, Pumpkin’s health was soon restored.

“Raising her was (and still is) a full-time job,” Kemp’s daughter, Laura Young, told The Dodo. “They are so unbelievably intelligent, very aware, and I would say they are even able to express emotions.”


Now, Pumpkin’s days are filled with exploring, relaxing in front of the air-conditioner, eating her favorite treats, and taking plenty of Instagram snapshots. She’s even learned to use the toilet! Interestingly enough, the raccoon also became close friends with the family’s other pets.


“She instantly bonded with us and our two rescue dogs and follows me and our two dogs everywhere we go,” Young said. “She now thinks she is a dog…she is able to play and be rough with them and she respects them when they have had enough.”


It’s also important to note that both Pumpkin and her owners live in the Bahamas, where there are no raccoon rescues. Here, it’s perfectly legal for residents to care for these creatures.


“Raccoons are NOT pets,” Young explains. “They are wild animals, so they are quite moody. Unlike dogs and cats, they are not domesticated. Like a spoilt child if she doesn’t get her way, she will let you know.”


Despite living this unusual life, the Kemp family is dedicated to making Pumpkin as happy as she can be.


Via My Modern Met, The Dodo

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