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Rare And Beautiful Photos Of 18-Year-Old Freshman Madonna At The University of Michigan In 1976

Before Madonna donned that iconic conical bra and wore a rosary around her neck because she said she liked the feeling of a naked man between her bosom, Madonna Louise Ciccone was actually looking pretty sweet. Here’s a collection of rare and beautiful photos of a young Madonna at age 18 taken by Peter Kentes in 1976. Continue reading »

This Tiny, Painted Door At The Base Of A Tree Stump Has Been A Fixture Of The Harvard University Campus For Decades

Pooh’s house is a tiny, painted door at the base of a tree stump that has been a fixture of the Harvard University campus for decades, though it has a complicated history that’s not always sunny. It’s a little piece of Harvard that’s worth the visit—if you can bend down far enough to see it properly. Continue reading »

Joel Weber’s Tiny House Will Help Him Save At University of Texas In Austin

A college student who will be returning to the University of Texas in Austin for his junior year this fall is hoping his miniature home will help him save big on housing fees and keep him out of debt.

Joel Weber’s 145-square-foot home will help him avoid paying rent for an apartment or on-campus dorm and save him from two years of roommate aggravation… priceless. With rent costing upwards of $800 a month near campus, the 25-year-old’s new home will save him about $19,200 while he finishes school and could help him conserve cash after graduation as well.


Joel Weber is hoping his 145-square-foot home will help him avoid paying rent for a college apartment or dorm. Continue reading »

Smart Stairs Marking in Utah Valley University

Utah Valley University students walks along the bright green lanes painted on the stairs to the gym Thursday, June 18, 2015, at Utah Valley University, in Orem, Utah. Utah Valley University spokeswoman Melinda Colton said the green lanes were intended as a lighthearted way to brighten up the space and get students attention. (Photos by AP Photo/Rick Bowmer) Continue reading »

Students Celebrate Raisin Monday at St Andrew’s University


Students from St Andrew’s University indulge in a tradition of covering themselves with foam to honour the “academic family” on October 20, 2014, in St Andrews, Scotland. Every November the “raisin weekend” which is held in the university’s Lower College Lawn, is celebrated and a gift of raisins (now foam) is traditionally given by first year students to their elders as a thank you for their guidance and in exchange they receive a receipt in Latin. (Photos by Jeff J. Mitchell/Getty Images)
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Colourful Campus Of Thailand’s Rangsit University

Thailand`s Rangsit University is a private institution of higher education with the primary aim of creating graduates in different areas of study, focusing mainly on science, technology, design and management. But what makes this university renowned around the world is its colorful campus, with trees and bushes painted to beautify the campus.

Though in 2011 the plants were significantly damaged in one of Thailand’s worst floods in five decades, they continue to enliven the atmosphere at the university. Continue reading »

The Coolest University Dorm that You Can Imagine

Tietgenkollegiet or The Tietgen Residence Hall in Denmark is the coolest dormitory that you can imagine. The circular building has a very modern-looking yet well-thought design perfect both for studying and leisure.

The dormitory has 360 spacious rooms shaped as a pie slices. Their wide end facing the outer side of the building has either a big balcony or a French window. Each room has a toilet and a shower with a heated floor. There are comfy lounges and big kitchens shared by every 12 apartments. Tietgenkollet has a bike park, a large hall, movable bars for parties, quiet rooms for reading and studying and two music rooms with a piano and a drum set. Continue reading »

Photo of the Day: Peregrine banding at University of Pittsburgh

Pennsylvania Game Commission officer Doug Dunkerley, left, uses a small broom as a shield to deter the female peregrine falcon as fellow officer Beth Fife, not seen, retrieves young chicks from the falcons nest on the ledge of the 40th floor of the University of Pittsburgh’s Cathedral of Learning on Thursday, May 19, 2011. The peregrine falcon is listed on Pennsylvania endangered species, and the program monitoring the birds nesting has been in effect since since 2002. (AP Photo/Keith Srakocic)

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