This Tiny, Painted Door At The Base Of A Tree Stump Has Been A Fixture Of The Harvard University Campus For Decades – Design You Trust

This Tiny, Painted Door At The Base Of A Tree Stump Has Been A Fixture Of The Harvard University Campus For Decades

Pooh’s house is a tiny, painted door at the base of a tree stump that has been a fixture of the Harvard University campus for decades, though it has a complicated history that’s not always sunny. It’s a little piece of Harvard that’s worth the visit—if you can bend down far enough to see it properly.

More info: Harvard College Blog (h/t: atlasobscura)

For a few years his house thrived. A tiny piece of Christopher Robin’s woods, right outside the Science Center. Every day students lock their bikes beside it, jogging to make it to chemistry class. But Pooh himself is nowhere to be found. He might be gone for good.

Maybe he’s moved in with Owl, or into Eeyore’s shack. Or perhaps he’s just waiting, hidden in some unobtrusive, spidery hollow. On the lookout for a new door, and a fresh coat of paint.

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