animations for classical music tv program

Hi there,

First of all pardon my english.
I am a french illustrator for children books and i have just animated short scenes for a tv program about classical music.
The challenge was to create a new design for each piece of music. Impressionist pastels for Debussy, multiplanes travellings for Rismky korsakov, animated cut outs for Mozart… Every 30 episodes needed 30 seconds of animation and i had to produce each one in 2 days on my own.
It was a hard work but really challenging and great too.
You can watch 3 showreels of this work.

In this first are the most pictural design:
In this second you’ll find fifties cartoon design :
The third, i don’t know how to name it. Let’s say it’s the funniest ones !

Thanks for reading
Have a nice day
Gregoire Pont

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