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Incredible Hypnagogic Architectural Inspirations by Tomasz Artur Bolek


Polish 3D artist Tomasz Artur Bolek, known as “The Architectural Dreamer,” crafts buildings that exude a surreal, futuristic aura reminiscent of the world depicted in Blade Runner. Through advanced 3D modeling and CGI, he realizes his visionary architectural concepts.

Tomasz’s creations are marked by detailed design and striking lighting, presenting structures that merge the familiar with the fantastically complex. These buildings evoke a sense of mystery, suggesting layers of untold narratives waiting to be uncovered.

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[image] 1169546
[image] 1365657
[image] 1696425
[image] 1910308
[image] 1917737
[image] 2154458
[image] 2479758
[image] 2518059
[image] 2591801
[image] 2607866
[image] 3372337
[image] 3540916
[image] 3661664
[image] 3765120
[image] 4505207
[image] 4641723
[image] 5032865
[image] 5524617
[image] 5560272
[image] 5686785
[image] 5933495
[image] 6015884
[image] 6038919
[image] 6761742
[image] 7390565
[image] 7645245
[image] 7721562
[image] 8574049
[image] 8648843
[image] 8866452
[image] 8911993
[image] 8974676
[image] 9547130
[image] 9675139
[image] 9146207

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