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Anton Frolov’s Iconic Futurism


At the beginning of his career, Anton combined the laconism of Japanese manga and the plasticity of iconography in his works.

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Gradually he changed his style towards high technologies of the distant future and added elements of Soviet futurism. At the same time in his paintings he tries to preserve the plasticity and laconism of iconography. This is how his iconographic futurism – a synthesis of spirituality and high technology – appeared.

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Anton combines all his works into one project called “Leodr”, which means “million” in Old Russian


Anton paints on plywood tablets, the strength of which allows him to use impregnation, apply primer, use tempera (water paints based on dry powder pigments) in the glossing technique, apply tarnish – an imitation of a thin sheet of gold and add cracks (craquelure).

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