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Fantastic Detailed 3D & VR Paintings and Sculptures by Giant Swan


Giant Swan, a groundbreaking virtual reality artist, crafts immersive worlds that blend elements from sculpting, painting, and experience design.

Raised in the Australian bush, their passion for nature inspires their surreal, emotional iconography. Giant Swan’s unique VR sculptures maintain an authentic, human touch, resonating with audiences. A pioneer in the NFT art movement, they’ve showcased their work globally and aim to make VR art accessible, fostering deeper connections between art and viewers.

Ginat Swan, the artist behind the stunning visuals at Anyma lives, the solo project of Matteo Milleri, an American DJ and producer.

More: Giant Swan, Instagram

[image] 6168
[image] 407408
[image] 614858
[image] 1199116
[image] 1261300
[image] 1464473
[image] 1536550
[image] 1894339
[image] 1966731
[image] 2016548
[image] 2083905
[image] 2097123
[image] 2544148
[image] 3091954
[image] 3476272
[image] 3547928
[image] 3575686
[image] 3605400
[image] 4064147
[image] 4584387
[image] 5113434
[image] 5157740
[image] 5345209
[image] 5608319
[image] 5918955
[image] 5971128
[image] 6235401
[image] 6409146
[image] 6614247
[image] 7608244
[image] 7840382
[image] 8300035
[image] 8381788
[image] 8563281
[image] 8593938
[image] 8995795
[image] 9560719
[image] 9896983

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