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Where Flesh Meets Geometry in the Sculptures of Rogério Timóteo

1 1 Cabeça Masculino 1536x1024

Portuguese sculptor Rogério Timóteo weaves a captivating fusion of the human form and geometric elements. Carved from diverse materials – marble, limestone, resins, iron, bronze, and steel – his sculptures achieve a mesmerizing balance between the organic and the structured.

Timóteo’s artistic vision revolves around capturing the human body in abstract forms. Limbs and torsos meld with geometric shapes, forging a unique visual language. This interplay serves as a counterpoint to the inherent fluidity of the figure. Yet, the circles, squares, and other geometric elements transcend mere aesthetics. They are imbued with symbolism, representing profound concepts like eternity, stability, and the cyclical nature of life.

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1 7 Gravidade 1536x1171
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1 10 Cabeça 1536x1024
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1 21 Cariátide 1536x1201
1 27 On My Shouldres 1731x2048
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