Authorized Clothing

The objective of the project is to create or rebrand a company, create a logo and stationary system, create applications and material to be used in the real world.

Authorized Clothing is a company that sells vintage style clothing, influenced by americano design and simplistic style. It is there for the the fashion and trendy customers that enjoy life in todays modern culture who wish to celebrate old vintage American style. Authorized mainly sell t-shirts and hoodies again keeping it very simple and keeping focus on fresh new designs.

Authorized Clothing gives its customers excellent quality of their products, made with the finest materials that can be used. With excellent in store service, from when you enter the store, you are treated personally making sure that the staff get’s the customer exactly what they are need off in the correct sizes.
Authorized Clothing has been thought to be one of the brands to look out for, with more and more brands going back to the vintage age, Authorized has done it well with their unique t-shirt designs making every customer feel unique and individual when purchasing their products.

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