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Ever since the launch of the first Adobe Photoshop in 1990, the software has helped users all over the world create wonderful images and videos. It is among the top programs used for graphic design, photo editing, and video editing.

With every software upgrade, both pro and amateur Photoshop users have to brush up on their skills to keep up with new features and functions. With the Photoshop CS6 on beta version, most users are still working with the CS5 software.

Learning the ropes of proper Photoshop application may require herculean efforts if you’re doing it on your own. To make it easier, here are the 10 best Adobe Photoshop CS5 tutorial videos:

A Designer’s Way to Bevel & Emboss Typography from Ren Zhang
If you enjoy creating eye-catching topography, Ren Zhang will teach you to design texts using Photoshop’s bevel and emboss. Subtlety is the key. He imparts techniques on minimizing over-the-top bevel use and creating professional designs that will surely make a lasting impression.

Tutorial video here

Matrix Bullet-Time & Zombie Photoshop Tutorial from Ren Zhang
With the rise of TV series and movies focusing on zombie-attack storylines, this step-by-step guide will definitely have its appeal. Learn to create designs illustrating the undead in a post apocalyptic scenario with the right amount of horrific look and feel.

See tutorial video here

Photoshop CS5 – Digital Make Up – Tutorial
If you are into photography, it pays to know how to digitally add a touch of make up on your subjects. Unless you are going for the pallid look, this tutorial will teach you how to add eye shadow, blush-on, and lipsticks.

Click here for video tutorial

Photoshop CS5 Bristle Brushes (Part 1) and Photoshop CS5 Mixer Brush (Part 2) from Greyson TipSquirrel

These particular tutorials provide a demonstration of effectively using CS5’s brushes. Blending is important when using Photoshop’s bristle and mixer brushes. This video will show you how to manipulate color on every layer, in order to produce a wonderfully blended image.

Part 1
Part 2

Oil Painting Effect in Photoshop CS5 & Pixel Bender from Gavin Hoey
Photoshop is widely known for its wide array of image effects that can alter a boring image to an eye-catching one. With the use of CS5 tools and an additional plug-in called Pixel Blender, Gavin Hoey will instruct you on choosing the right amount of stylization, cleanliness, colorization, brush scale, and brush contrast in this short tutorial.

Oil Painting Effect tutorial here

Fake Motion Blur in Photoshop CS4
A stationary car is nothing special. But a car in motion connotes action and movement. Applying a basic motion blur filter on the entire photo just won’t cut it. This tutorial also deals with all the other parts of a car which needs to appear in motion, in order to compose an impressive effect.

Cool Motion Blur Effects here

Adobe Photoshop CS5 Tutorial: How to Change a Picture Season
There are a lot techniques used to imply the passing of time—one of which is changing the seasons of a photo. From spring to autumn, this tutorial will teach you how to design false seasons using the same image.

Changing Picture Seasons Here

Vintage effect using Photoshop CS5 Camera RAW from Gavin Hoey
Applying vintage effects on an image evokes feelings of nostalgia. If you want your image to take your viewers on a trip down memory lane, you can use this tutorial to transform modern photos into an old one.

Old School Effects tutorial here

Adobe Photoshop: Blur the Background and Focus on Image/Object
One of the features of professional cameras is focusing on a particular point on the photo while rendering the background blurred. If you don’t have a professional camera, this step-by-step guide will help you achieve the same effect.

Blur Background Effects video on this link

Photoshop CS5: Noise Reduction
One of the most underutilized features of the Photoshop CS5 is the noise reduction option under Camera RAW. Noise—those unwanted flecks of color—is usually a nuisance in photos. If you don’t know how to properly deal with it, this two-minute tutorial will teach you how to effectively reduce noise and have a clearer image.

Check link here for Noise Reduction Effects video

If you are a first-time user of Photoshop, starting to work on the software without the basic know-how may appear daunting and frustrating. You have to keep in mind, however, that mastering Photoshop skills takes effort and much practice. Even pros constantly learn something new through experimentation and exchange of ideas. With these videos, you are on your way on getting the hang of Photoshop CS5.

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