40 Progressively Inspirational Sevenly.org Quotes

Across the globe, there are thousands of charities in every category possible. Many small charities struggle to reach potential supporters, funding the cause, and establishing a solid following. Helping other is very important. It breaks my heart that in 2012 less fortunate people are still getting abused, women are used for sexual trafficking, starving, drinking contaminated water, dying from curable disease and etc.

Some think it’s not their problem. All of us constantly worry about our own/family life and how next month’s rent will get payed. In reality we should not forget that on Earth we are all brothers and sisters. The people affected did not choose to be born in horrible circumstances. It’s kind of sad that we pay large amounts of money to purchase clothing and other items that have a specific logo. Sure we can get in the argument of what a “brand’ is, and the emotional value it brings. But when you actually stop and think of their business operation, you will realize it’s not that fancy.

These problems have become solutions, all thanks to Sevenly. They build partnerships with 52 different charities per year. At the end of the week, they send that charity a check of the total amount raised. Sevenly’s ultimate goal is to help people, fund worthy causes, and offer the magic kick some charities need to keep changing the world. Sevenly represents a growing trend of social enterprise where the mission is baked into the business model.

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