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10 of the Best Interior Design Boards to Follow on Pinterest

They say that a man’s home is his castle. Whether you live in a home to give a castle a run for its money, or you reside somewhere more snug and subtle, there’s nothing like putting your own stamp on the interior.

Interior design is the one way you can make your house a home. Small elements like photographs and pictures, and bold statements like crazy carpets all help you make your home yours. Anything goes when it comes to sprucing up your home.

If you’re looking to brighten up your home, we’ve found 10 of the best interior design Pinterest boards for your decorating inspiration:

1. Modern Interiors

If statement walls are your thing, this is the Pinterest board for you.

Filled with over 100 great images, this board celebrates crisp whites, stand-out decorations, great wall art and more. It is the epitome of modernity, juxtaposed with some great retro images too. Dark wooden floors, ethnic rugs, and vintage trinkets are the perfect contrast to the clean, white walls and modern works of art.

2. DHomeBuilder

Why have one board when you can have 15?

This great Pinterest features a wealth of inspiration for both traditional and contemporary interior design. With warm, homely features and cool, open spaces; this is the perfect place to come if you’re thinking of doing a little DIY. Every room in the house is covered, so you can use this Pinterest profile to inject a new lease of life into your home.

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