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Fotolia TEN, a new season !

Early 2012, Fotolia showed the project Fotolia TEN. The purpose: to democratize digital creation by combining, for the first time, into one single project “digital art”, “graphic resources” and “pedagogy”.
Every month, during 10 months, users could download for free during 24 hours the one of the 10 best French artists digital full PSD made with the Fotolia image bank.
In parallel, a video portrait was available on Youtube, showing the artist’s personality and routine and the creation making of! It’s what we, Appartement 303, are the most interested in.

This collection was spread over a year and had an enormous success. Over 170 000 PSD downloaded from the Fotolia Ten website which hosted over 500,000 unique visitors!

Collection TEN Season 2 starts tomorrow, January 10th.

After a successful first season, Fotolia had to repeat the experience this year.
For this new edition, Fotolia changes scale and has selected 10 international artists from every corner of the world…: Brazil, Japan, Argentina, Korea, Russia, Spain, England and Germany.
We are all looking forward to this new opus.

The talented Gustavo Brigante, a graphic designer / illustrator living in Buenos Aires, Argentina, opens the new season. He had many international clients brands like Johnnie Walker, Hugo Boss, Adidas, Coca Cola, Hewlett Packard and MTV, only small business ;)!

In the video, he talks a little bit about his career and reveals the secrets of making the Fotolia TEN composition called “Manos a la obra”.

We will also see some surprises! Fotolia will broadcast two “Hors Série” episodes : the first one about an American and the second one about a French artist couple…

If you missed the previous season, you can find it Fotolia Ten on Youtube.

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