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Photobone Magazine

Captura de ecrã 2013 01 12 22.56.16 Photobone Magazine

Magazine Photobone
With the magazine Photobone, I intend to extend the concept of illustrated picture / graphics and improve your relationship with minimalism. The aim is to create a test chart where there is a relationship between image and text. It is an online magazine, already has an issue, the issue 0. This magazine was born from another project called Minimal Bone. The photobone tries to show the work of several photographers, and to publish their work in a form developed with a graphical language Minimal, always valuing the picture. It’s an ongoing project, started as small and personal, but today no longer just mine and became of all those who love photography, professional or amateur. It is an attempt to provoke a moment and make memories. The basic aim is to explore the creative possibilities at chart. The test chart will be generated with a purpose graphic editorial (magazine), from my personal interpretation. My magazine will be the canvas for exploring the essence of this project will be the space for handling a small graphical ostentation, a trial of ideas.
The Photobone want to showcase the work of your guests and get to know their qualities. For already in digital format only, with free access for all who enjoy photography, but the intention is to mature the project for future trips to this tale with all the friends you want to embark on this journey and be part of the history of Photobone.

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