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Indonesian Man Best Friends with 28 Stone Bengal Tiger

1265 Indonesian Man Best Friends with 28 Stone Bengal Tiger
Mulan Jamilah, a 6-year-old Bengal tiger, kisses caretaker Abdullah Sholeh, 33, in the garden beside their home on January 20, 2014 in Malang, Indonesia. Abdullah Sholeh of Malang, Indonesia is an Islamic student who has become best friend and a full-time nanny to the tiger. Mulan’s owner, Noer Muhammad Sholeh, 51, asked Abdullah to take care of the tiger when it was a 3-month-old cub at Dilem Village, Kepanjen District, Malang, East Java. Abdullah Sholeh regularly sleeps, plays and fights with the huge tiger. The pair are so inseparable, he often shuns his own bed to sleep alongside the big cat in her enclosure. Mulan now weighs 178 kg, is three meters long including the tail and one meter high. For security reasons, they have had to install metal bars to separate them when they are together in the enclosure. Mulan is fed 6kg of chicken or goat meat twice a day. (Photo by Robertus Pudyanto/Getty Images)

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Didga – The Super Skateboarding Cat from Australia

didga skating cat 01 Didga – The Super Skateboarding Cat from Australia
World’s BEST Skateboarding CAT! Go Didga! The Action starts when Ollie, a skateboard, takes his friend Didga, a CAT, for a ride around a beautiful beach town.

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Unique Peacock Spider in Australia

1355911889 0 640x426 Unique Peacock Spider in Australia

The peacock spider (Maratus volans), lives in several Australian states. It’s no wonder it was named so, because the similarity with the famous bird is too obvious.

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World’s Cutest Baby Animals

1355212851 1 640x481 Worlds Cutest Baby Animals

Baby animals are incredibly sweet and funny, whether it is a future crocodile or octopus. If you do not agree with us, after viewing this post you surely will change your mind.

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Death of a Giants

1247 Death of a Giants
A marine rescue worker photographs a sperm whale that washed up on Portobello beach in Edinburgh, Scotland, Saturday, January 11, 2014. Police in Scotland and a Scottish Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, SSPCA, team were called to Portobello beach near the Rockville hotel in Joppa, Edinburgh, at around 7.30 am Saturday. A spokeswoman said the animal is dead and arrangements are being made with Edinburgh City Council to remove it from the water. (Photo by Andrew Milligan/AP Photo/PA Wire)

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Cats love Eames!

1354466060 0 640x426 Cats love Eames!

On a well-known photo hosting Flickr we found an incredibly positive group, called Cats love Eames! Obviously, the group has two main emphases on each photo: cats and chairs from the famous Eames designers.

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Pets and their Owners Take to the Ski Slopes in China

1194 Pets and their Owners Take to the Ski Slopes in China
This picture taken on January 12, 2014 shows pet dogs, a yellow duck and a chicken in a skiing resort for a skiing competition in Sanmenxia, north China’s Henan province. A tortoise beat a rabbit in a skiing competition held for pets and their owners in northern China, a report said on January 14. Cats and dogs faced off against a menagerie including a rooster and a yellow duck in a race to the finish line on snowy slopes in China’s Hebei province, the state-run China News Service said. (Photo by AFP Photo)

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Eight-year-old Girl Keeps Coyote as Family Pet

Hailey Hanestad thinks nothing about nuzzling up to the animal, called Wiley, and even dozes off with him on her bed. Wiley has been a treasured member of the family since being rescued by Hailey’s dad, Rick, three years ago. Today he’s thought to be just one of two coyotes in the US that have become domesticated after being born in the wild. And at the Hanestad farm, in Wisconsin, he’s treated just like a dog – sitting by the fire in the winter, going for walks on a lead and even playing fetch with a tennis ball. He’s got his own comfy chair and enjoys a diet of venison and fried eggs. He even has to have his meat cooked – because he won’t eat it raw.

1178 Eight year old Girl Keeps Coyote as Family Pet
Haley with a young Wiley as a pup. (Photo by Barcroft Media)

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How Animals Look Like When They Are Surprised

owl3 How Animals Look Like When They Are Surprised

What if the animal kingdom could understand the dramatic presidential election? What if they could comprehend the shocking news? What if they could understand the latest gossips from our days? Well, we figured they might look like this…

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Sir Charles Barkley on Instagram

Over just 18 months, Sir Charles Barkley, a French bulldog from Seattle, Washington, has become an internet sensation. His daily photos have attracted him an Instagram following of more than 115,000 fans. Named after the former basketball player Charles Barkley, Sir Charles has been racking up the orange hearts on Instagram since the first day his owners, Melissa and Paul, met his breeders and took pictures of the adorable pup.

1167 Sir Charles Barkley on Instagram
Sir Charles Barkley enjoys a whisky on the rocks. (Photo by Caters News)

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Heartwarming Moment: A Husky was Freed After Falling Through the Ice on Her Morning Walk

The dramatic moment an exhausted pet dog was plucked from a frozen lake after falling through the ice has been caught on camera. Firefighter Sean Coyle risked his own safety to venture out on to frozen Pleasure Bay off Castle Island in South Boston during the rescue. Sylvie, a 13-year-old husky, had plunged into the frigid water during her morning walk.

1160 Heartwarming Moment: A Husky was Freed After Falling Through the Ice on Her Morning Walk
Firefighter Sean Coyle uses a basket to slide out to Sylvie, a 13 year old Husky. (Boston Herald/Polaris)

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Polar Bears in Sunset

1030 Polar Bears in Sunset
They’re usually pictured against a bright white backdrop but this family of polar bears bathed in a vibrant reds, yellows and oranges as they watched a glorious sunset in Alaska. The stunning shots capture the moment a female bear and her two cubs enjoyed the last warm rays of the sun at the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Kaktovik. The bears can be seen gazing at the vibrant sunset and appear to revel in the tranquil moment as they bask in the array of colors.

Photographer, Sylvain Cordier, spent three weeks following the bears to capture the memorable moment. The 67-year-old from Alsace in France said: I was lucky because I was photographing a very calm and cooperative mother and her two large cubs. (Caters News/Sylvain Cordier)

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White Whales Perform in China

1108 White Whales Perform in China
White whales and their trainers present a show for visitors at Harbin Pole Aquarium on January 7, 2014 in Harbin, China. Aquarium is one of the tourist highlights of Harbin, attract domestic and foreign tourists visit each year. (Photo by Lintao Zhang/Getty Images)

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Frog Freezes Solid while Searching for a Mate on Icy Norwegian Lake

1104 Frog Freezes Solid while Searching for a Mate on Icy Norwegian Lake
It almost looks like it is sleeping, but sadly, this little frog will not jump again as it froze solid trying to cross a lake in Norway. It is thought that a sudden rise in temperatures fooled the hibernating amphibian and it ventured out across the lake to find a girlfriend. However, as the lake froze, possibly overnight, the frog would have returned to hibernation out in the open, and died from the cold.

Photographer Svein Nordrum, 54, discovered the creature caught out by freezing conditions. He said: ‘I was out skating for a couple of hours and, suddenly; I saw something on the surface of the ice. When I saw it was a frog, frozen stiff, I was quite shocked. I have never seen anything like it before.’

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Stuff on Scout’s Head

180 Stuff on Scouts Head
Stuff On Scout’s Head is a Tumblr which does what it says on the tin. Scout’s owner – for Scout is a dog – puts stuff on Scout’s head. And then photographs him.

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