Vans Waffle iPhone 4 Case

Vans Waffle iPhone 4 Case

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Daily Inspirations no. 399

Hi guys … hopefully you had a wonderful Easter holiday! When speaking for myself, after four days off I do have problems switching back to work mode. Not sure if it’s the lazyness or spring fever :). Anyway, got to beat that as there are many people out there dependant on our daily inspirations .). So let’s take a look what’s new out there. From today’s photography do not miss the Sacred Eve / Part 2 as well as the black tribal woman few spots below. There are actually several of them, so I am speaking of the first one. Again you may expect a strong illustration section with several hot artworks such as the illustrations by Dave E. Phillips and Roberto Pena or the Girl portrait by crowgod. If you like spooky artworks, make sure to check the Skull by Ali GULEC. You’ll find that one in our Art / Digital Art section. If you like blink – blink and watches especially, check the 5 mil watch by Hublot. Wondering what rapper is wearing those already. If you like user interfaces, there is a nice one at the bottom in the freebie section. Go get it! Enjoy!

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Color World by Ting Li

Creative photography project by Ting Li from London, United Kingdom. Enjoy :)

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China: The Land Where Fake Brands Reign Supreme

Shamelessly, China has dubbed itself as “the king of counterfeiters” and the city of Nanjing, east of Shanghai, prides itself on the imminent grand opening of a new shopping centre dedicated to some 58 fake brands of merchandise. These imposters bear strong resemblances to their original inspirations, but are often differentiated by an intentionally mis-spelled letter or two.

Counterfeit goods have been the bane of the world trade industry for decades, and China, while a blatant culprit, is far from the only one. The dynamics of the infringement varies from breaches of product patents in industrial and technical products to illegal reproductions of copyright entertainment material to fake luxury brands.

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Jordan Beckham and MJ Whalen present THE WALL FIVE

Jordan Beckham and MJ Whalen present THE WALL FIVE
Director: Jordan Beckham
Designer/Stylist: MJ Whalen
Model: Kati Lynn

Shot at @oneuppgh One Up Skate Shop

For more info contact @jordanbeckham

Inkwells Printing and Creative Solutions

Our mission is to provide an easier and more cost realistic way for independent artists, photographers and companies to bring better printed products to life. Our no minimum, custom one off prints may fit your needs, so hit us up at or visit our website at We print our products at a very competitive price point and offer design services from some extremely talented artists. Please don’t hesitate to see if we can help you create something cool or fulfill your needs.

Intimacy – Fashion Meets Tech

INTIMACY is a fashion project exploring the relation between intimacy and technology. Its high-tech garments entitled ‘Intimacy White’ and ‘Intimacy Black’ are made out of opaque smart e-foils that become increasingly transparent based on close and personal encounters with people. Social interactions determine the garmentsʼ level of transparency, creating a sensual play of disclosure.

Watch the Video at The Khooll

Amazing high resolution wallpapers

I always try to find the best inspirations to share with you. This is a great collection of Amazing high resolution wallpapers, improve your creativity, and prettify your screen

and more

Shoes by Mark McNairy

Shoes collection created by American designer Mark McNairy.

MORE INFO & IMAGES > Shoes by Mark McNairy
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Astonished by this print quality!

FInally I got my piece from Rocco Malatesta.


I Am Him for him and her

Check out the I AM HIM store by Lusky at Zazzle. More to come soon.

Society27 project “TOGETHER” x Italian Illustrator David Sossella

Society27 project "TOGETHER" x Italian Illustrator David Sossella

Society27 project "TOGETHER" x Italian Illustrator David Sossella

Anabel Van Toledo for Massimo Dutti

For March Massimo Dutti girl takes on this season’s coveted pastel’s joined by subtle prints, posing for the latest lookbook is Anabel Van Toledo photographed by Gemma Edo.

via MS Magazine

Photography by Dimitris Theocharis

Set of quality fashion photography by talented Dimitris Theocharis. Enjoy!

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SLUT CAT WALK by Bonsoir Paris

SLUTWALKS are protests against rape and sexual innuendos suffered by women through sexually-provocative clothing. These manifestations unite young women dressed in ordinary clothes and transform them in a provocative manner as if to render them as sluts. These women protest to have the right to dress as they please without being portrayed as sexual innuendos. Through this work, we wanted to play on the analogy between vindication and provocation, of the contrast between the claim of one’s own protest (as in a march or demonstration) with the sexuality of one’s objective presentation (as in a catwalk). Here, the female body becomes a high measure of claim, defined by the statements ”PROUD TO BE A SLUT”, or more so, ”BITCH, WHORE, SLUT”. We developed this work based on a principle of simple pairings, of pieces of fabric matched with transparent yet provocative messages.

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