Jaw-Dropping Designs #5

marine research centre bali Jaw Dropping Designs #5

empathy Jaw Dropping Designs #5

Classima collection Jaw Dropping Designs #5

This post is part of our series of posts showing selected jaw-dropping designs around the world. The idea is surround you with innovation, beauty and functionality, because a life with design, for sure, refresh ourselves to continue the building of a better world.

Jaw-Dropping Designs #5

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Waheed Nasir Paintings


Alex Lukas

116 Alex Lukas

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Lonely Day by Yuki Balou

My lover Robot by Wanchana Intrasombat

Handwritten Free Fonts

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Joshua Barndt

Image 13 Joshua Barndt

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The Beez

Daily Inspirations no. 48

Finally, it is Friday again, and now, when all the major projects for this week are finalized, all the designers and fans of digital art, finally, can relax and do something they like to do and not have to do. We truly believe that your interest in design is not limited by working schedule. That is why we continue publishing our inspirational art work collections on a daily basis with Saturdays and Sundays included. Whether you are a professional designer, or you are just a loyal fan of web design, illustrations, or some other particular type of digital art – you will, definitely, find something, fitting your personal interests, in our next inspiration set.

Young Director Award by CFP-E/Shots: Pool by TBWA\PHS
di48a Daily Inspirations no. 48

Migaloo and his family by Su Yeong Kim
di48b Daily Inspirations no. 48

Dark Age Megaman by Giuliano Bròcani
di48c Daily Inspirations no. 48

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Inspiration: Rauf Yasit

allink 03 Inspiration: Rauf Yasit
colourz 640 Inspiration: Rauf Yasit
fwa 640 Inspiration: Rauf Yasit

In another Inspiration article from Creative Side we present to you Rauf Yasit , a 24 years old Digital Artist from Zurich, Switzerland who is inspired by Graffiti and Urban art.

More info and works from Rauf on the Creative Side

The Evil Dead

Evil Dead The Evil Dead
Evil Dead 2 The Evil Dead
Evil Dead 3 The Evil Dead

New set of prints available from Hunting Bears

New works by k3-studio

Partly Cloudy

A graphic t-shirt from Concrete Rocket

Today forecast: Partly Cloudy.
21ovtj5 Partly Cloudy

Available in guys slim cut t-shirt:
Or the girls petite tee:

vxd82v Partly Cloudy

Circular Logo Designs

Circular logos have traditional, good- and professionally-looking design; they are convenient for multiple applications and easy for perception. The circle itself is a very good choice for logo designing, as this geometric figure has a very good “reputation”, symbolizing infinity, eternity, and integrity. Circular logo designs may fit a great variety of companies, no matter what their profiles and operating fields are. Below we want to show you the examples of circular logo designs in order to demonstrate vast capabilities of this particular layout, its universality, and ability to fit a wide variety of practical uses.

Dingle House by Jerron Ames
cl01 Circular Logo Designs

Pioneer by Mike Erickson
cl02 Circular Logo Designs

SILVERSTONE by Sergey Babenko
cl03 Circular Logo Designs

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Check out new work and updates from Gorilla Grafiks

GG designyoutrust21 Check out new work and updates from Gorilla GrafiksSee the latest work and updates from Gorilla Grafiks, working across a range of multimedia.
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