Kanzashi Flowers

The art of making kanzashi makes use of some origami techniques, when tiny squares of fabric material are folded in a special way in order to get a single petal of a flower. Such petals are then sewn together to form a flower. The number of petals may vary from 5 to 75 or even more, depending on the particular flower being made.

Though Kanzashi appeared in Japan and is commonly perceived as the exclusive Japanese art, I believe it is part of the world cultural and art legacy. During many centuries masters polished this technique to turn it into a real fine art. I believe, beauty has no boundaries and the sense of beauty is common to all the nations.

Have a look at a few examples of kanzashi flowers, I made myself…

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Free Website Template from Cruzine and Procartoons

Do you like gifts? What about some designing gifts, such as a full-featured template for a gaming website, for example? Of course, that is a terrific idea, isn’t it? OK, in the past we already published a few freebies for our readers, such as free vector graphics sets and free cartoon characters. Now it is time for a real professional website template with a Flash header, dynamic navigation, and stunning graphics, which you can use for quick and easy developing of your own online games portal on the web. To give you even more chances to customize the template, we also offer premium cartoon characters, featured in this template design. To sum it up, a template itself, Flash header with dynamic menu bar and sound effects, and four characters – all these have already landed at Cruzine Freebies section as a single offering in the gift wrapping. Of course, we need to thank Procartoons for helping us prepare such a great present for our readers!

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FAN THE FIRE Magazine #39 – January 2011 – Out Now

The January 2011 issue of FAN THE FIRE Magazine is out now featuring a preview of the New Year’s hottest new bands, White Lies, Cold War Kids and Chapel Club album reviews, a 2011 film preview, interview Edgar Wright, director of Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, an awards season preview, The Green Hornet, Morning Glory and The Fighter reviews, art by John Battaglia and Andrew Kolb and style by Rory DCS and Igor Termenon, plus much more. Download it for free, and check out some of the art and style features after the jump.

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Introducing Light through Photography of Light

In photography light is not only the major force, which interacts with the photosensitive layer of the film or sensor of a digital camera and thus produces images; very often light itself is chosen to be the object of photography, its main model, expressing the key idea of the entire picture. The sparkling lights of a night city or a powerful directed light beam from the beacon on the seashore, colorful fireworks or fantastic aurora – light sources can be different, but the nature remains the same – powerful, emotional, vivid, and meaningful. Along with the camera, light is often treated as the only assistant, helping a photographer create real masterpieces of the traditional photography art.

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Why You SHOULD Play With Your Food

I’m sure we have all been told before to not play with our food. However, the creators of these Bento boxmeals by various different artists seem to disagree.

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Young Lighter of the Year award

 BDC Islington

BDC Islington

Paul Friedlander

Paul Friedlander

host of new features for 2011

host of new features for 2011

Stunning photographs of animals inside womb

These amazing embryonic animal photographs of dolphins, sharks, dogs, penguins, cats and elephants are from a new National Geographic Documentary called “Extraordinary Animals in the Womb”. The show’s producer, Peter Chinn, used a combination of three-dimensional ultrasound scans, computer graphics and tiny cameras to capture the process from conception to birth. They are the most detailed embryonic animal pictures ever seen.

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Amazing Concept Art


There are two major challenges every designer has to respond to in order to ensure the success of his whole designing work. These are to generate an idea or a conceptual vision of the results of the project, and to efficiently materialize this idea. Every day new inspirations for all web designers, photographs and artist. Hope you like this Tuesday inspirations :)

Spring Valley: Orange, Mango, Apple by George Patterson Y&R

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Workspace: 40 Ultimately Creative Offices To Get Example From

Having a good workplace can make an employee work effectively, productively and inspired. Instead of being in a square cubicle that feels like a jail where you lock yourself daily making your work days stressful.

A workplace should be fun to make you feel motivated to work, It should be unique to so as not to bore you and keep you inspired. Making a workplace fun can make an employee enjoy his/her time during work, lessening stress from work and yet producing good outputs.

Here are 40 great creative office designs for you to get inspired for designing your own workspace.

Spotlight on Power and Money

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laNouvelle #3

DJ Light

Ménage à Trois Skateboard Art

Tyson McAdoo loves creating dyptech art on skateboard decks. In White Lies, McAdoo portrays a sexy, punk rock vixen on three skate decks, side-by-side.

More pics at My Modern Metropolis.

Fuck your crew X srger

the Design Cove | 15 Beautiful Photos by Roi Alonso