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The Top 50 Best Digital and CG Artworks from 2010

This past year was a great year for digital artworks, with new advanced tools being released, better rendering engines, more precise drawing tablets and a large number of visual effects studios releasing training resources. However, nothing can replace hard work, practice and devotion, as these are what bring out the subtle details, evoke emotions and convey meaning through digital art.

In the realm of digital artworks from 2010, there was a huge selection to choose from, with 2D, 3D, and mixed elements such as matte paintings playing a huge role. Additionally, a number of videogames and movies were released in 2010 that had accompanying computer graphics for them. Here’s CreativeFan’s selection of the best cg artworks from 2010.



Seth Armstrong

Jud Turner Artwork


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Graffiti Fonts – Let’s Make the World Brighter!

The attitude to graffiti in modern society may vary from pure admiration to pretty distinct hostility and denial. However, graffiti still belongs to the forms of art with ancient roots, well-established traditions, and mature techniques. Today we have made up a collection of the best free graffiti fonts, ever available on the Internet. These fonts can definitely turn your designing project into a real masterpiece, add a particular charisma to it and create that very atmosphere of true street art and freedom that has always inspired graffiti artists to explore ultimate capabilities of human imagination.

LHF Def Artist | BASE


el&font gohtic!

Sick Capital Vice

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Toasters – Everywhere

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Daily Inspirations no. 70

Today more and more web builders, photographers, architects, and other design-related professionals use web as the major source of inspiration for their daily work. Each day they visit dozens of web sites, hoping to find that very masterpiece, that will inspire them and give a push to their imagination and creativity. We really hope Cruzine magazine will soon become one of your “must-visit” websites for inspiration. Today we have prepared a real kaleidoscope of inspirational works for you: incredible and sometimes provocative photographs, eccentric illustrations, and meaningful creations of digital art masters. We also have some interesting technology news, a few fresh fonts, attention-grabbing advertising concepts, and free glossy shield vector graphics to share with our readers.

Tower of Oiseau by Gros Oiseau

Freeze by Andrew Serkin

Fenistil Gel: Burn by Saatchi & Saatchi

Ads by Melanie Chernock

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Romaeuropa Festival: Palladium Big Bang Theater, 2 by D,L,V, BBDO

Australian Government: The Line, Email by FaHCSIA

Abandoned shipyard building by dawar79

ADDMINIMAL Cr. Studio 4 FLAMBOYANT Behavior_2010 by Adriana Gerasimova

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Beautiful logo designs

H3O creative studio logo

union beautiful logo

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Sequence Photography

Nice Sequence Photography.