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BCX Sling Shot

It is made with superior quality custom pressed Spectraply Laminate core for strength, 3by4-in straight cut band (Theraband Gold) and Rockstar Pouch with Hickory scales finish for an awesome look. The additional band and pouch assembly with 1 Civilware Target are also included plus a BCX Tribe Patch. You can use multiple pouch styles with different bandsets on BCX.

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Magbak A Cool Stuff For iPad Air And iPad Mini

The MagStick strips allows you to stick iPad to your door, wood, plastic, stone or any other non-metal surface. Not just that, the mount also protects the back of iPad by lifting it up-to 0.5mm from the surface which keeps it from scratches. Besides that, the smart cover snaps to the back of iPad and keeps it from bumps and scratches while giving it a stylish look.

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Metamorphosis Shelf By Sebastian Errazuriz

You can use it to store many things like books, artifacts, etc or just use it as a decoration piece. This furniture pieces was displayed in the exhibition “Beautiful Premonitions” at the Cristina Grajales Gallery in New York.

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Credit Card Folding Safety Knife

The knife is made of Teflon coated surgical steel blade with long lasting sharpness. The CardSharp2 weighs only 13 grams and has a 65mm long blade. You can safely place it in your pocket or in your notecase.

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2015 Ducati Diavel

It features a modified 4-valved, Testastretta 11° L-Twin-DS RbW engine with a dual spark ignition which produces 162 hp at 9,250 rpm, a torque of 96.2 lb-ft at 8,000 rpm.

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Best Bag To Hold Your Tech Gadgets – Blade Transformer Case

The case is made with waterproof carbon fiber stirred shell and gun metal hardware with a premium vegan leather lid. It has a back pocket for laptop; made with foam linings, a RFID protective passport holder, a front lid pocket for your wallet, a center pocket and also few cavernous pockets to clasp wires and other accessories plus other stuff.

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Street Legal Real Time Batman Tumbler Hits The Market

If you want to own this Batman Tumbler now, for a real time street legal drive per say, you have to pay $1 million. Folks are bewildered what hot pursuit could be the focus for this 8-cylindered Chevrolet LS1 motor all in all black sick machine.

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Rinspeed Xchange Driverless Tesla Model S

The new electric hybrid XchangE Driverless Tesla Model S from the Zürich-based Swiss automobile firm Rinspeed will demonstrate the more sci-fi and futuristic hand-free driving environment at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show. It is based on the original Tesla Model S.

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Loudbasstard Bamboo Passive Amplifier

It is not some boring speaker, instead does amplify the music like any hi-tech speakers. It is compatible with small iPhone models, large Galaxy SIII, SIV Galaxy models, iPod touch and Sony Xperia…

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Adidas Samba Primeknit – World’s First Knitted Football Boot

World’s First Knitted Football Boot in the current week. Luis Suarez is going to wear the primeknit boot in the Liverpool vs. Manchester United match at Old Trafford. It features the heel-to-toe, zone-catering, bespoke second-skin fit upper to retain stability and strength.

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3D Food Printing Production Project By NASA

While 3D printing of different objects is getting a normal routine, the futuristic 3D Food Printing Production Project has come to life. Anjan Contractor at the Systems and Materials Research Corporation (SMRC) bring in this concept by producing the chocolate bar by 3D printing in a bid.

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Giro Aspect Helmet

The evolution of helmets has resulted in some interesting variations over the years, some of which are more far fetching then others. The Giro Aspect Helmet, however, takes an approach that tones down the aggressive vents, slats, and wings that dominate the peloton into a shape that’s at home on the daily commute or enjoying a weekend run up the canyon.

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Minimalist Basin “Kub” by Victor Vasilev

A bathroom sink or an optical illusion! The Minimalist Basin “Kub” from the Milan based Bulgarian architect and designer Victor Vasilev is an unconventional, peculiar, bizarre and unobtrusive minimalist basin.

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A Wireless Gateway to Vehicle OBD Networks

From Phoenix, AZ. ODB Solution has created the new sleek gadget OBDLink MX WiFi, a fun way to talk to your car via Smartphone. After installing it in your car, it connects directly to your car’s on-board diagnostics port and let you to have a real-time interaction with your car.

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The Superdesk Comfortably Seats 125 People

Clive Wilkinson Architect firm has created their masterpiece, the SuperDesk at NYC office of creative marketing agency The Barbarian Group. The twisting and turning table is a 1,100feet long, 4,400 square-feet continuous packed desk for all the 125 TBG employees (total capacity 175) to share it altogether.

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